Spain supported issuing visas to Russians

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Spain believes that some Russians should be issued with EU visas

The Spanish Foreign Ministry said it was against people fleeing the Russian Federation being deprived of the opportunity to obtain EU visas.

Russian citizens who are looking to leave the Russian Federation for EU countries should be able to obtain European visas. Speaking of which declared Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albarez in an interview with La Razón.

“This is not a war against the Russians. And we have clearly defined it from the beginning. We have nothing against the Russian people, and even more so against those people who protest with great courage, risking prison and even their lives. Those who are trying to leave the country should have the opportunity to do so, “said the Spanish official.

He expressed the view that supposedly Europeans, instead of completely depriving Russians of the opportunity to obtain visas, should “leave the doors open” for issuing visas to those citizens who meet certain conditions.

However, the head of the Spanish foreign ministry added that Madrid has supported Ukraine from the start. Solidarity with the Ukrainian people has been demonstrated by both the governments and the society of the country.

He also added that the Spanish government is transferring defensive weapons to Kiev to protect its sovereignty.

We remember that in the Spanish Barcelona unknown vandals historical monuments painted with the letters Zused by the Russian army.

Note that the Spanish Ministry of Defense at the end of the summer delivered an air defense system to Ukraineammunition and armored vehicles

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