They found guilty the Uzbek who killed five Rosario in New York

In 2017 Sayfullo Saipov ran over and killed eight people, including the five Argentine friends. They will define if they give him life imprisonment or the death penalty. Sayfullo Saipov, accused del terrorist attack in new york which in 2017 cost the lives of eight people, including five rosarinos who traveled to celebrate their 30th […]

Terrible Revenge – Kommersant Newspaper No. 210 (7411) of 11/14/2022

Israel is disappointed with Ukraine’s UN vote. Twice in the last two weeks Kiev has supported anti-Israel resolutions. It is possible that in this way Kiev will demonstrate its dissatisfaction with the refusal of the Israelis to supply Ukraine with weapons. For the first time, Ukraine’s vote in Israel was perceived as an accident, but […]

Spain supported issuing visas to Russians

Photo: Getty Images Spain believes that some Russians should be issued with EU visas – – The Spanish Foreign Ministry said it was against people fleeing the Russian Federation being deprived of the opportunity to obtain EU visas. Russian citizens who are looking to leave the Russian Federation for EU countries should be able to […]

Azerbaijan ambassador claims attack by Armenian citizens on the embassy in France

Azerbaijan Ambassador to France Rahman Mustafayev spoke about the attack on his country’s embassy in Paris. He called the attackers “Armenian fanatics”. “Armenian fanatics living in France attacked the Azerbaijani embassy,” Mustafayev wrote on Twitter. He also complained that the French authorities do not adequately protect the Azerbaijani embassy. From the footage of the surveillance […]

Gironde. La Teste-de-Buch fireplace declared “extinguished”

The La Teste hearth broke out on 12 July around the Pilat dune and had forced hundreds of folks out of their homes. Declared fixed 23 July then “under manage” July 29th, is regarded as this Thursday August 25th turned off according to the prefecture of Gironde. The prefecture welcomed Thursday the mobilization of the […]

Gard. A violent fire breaks out on the outskirts of Alès

A violent fire broke out on the evening of Saturday July 9, 2022, on the outskirts of Alès, in the Gardwhereas firefighters try to put out the fires who ravaged 650 hectares since Thursday in the Cévennes. Gigantic flames were observed around 10:30 p.m., along a railway line linking Nîmes and the capital of the […]

Two dead gulls declared carriers of avian influenza, in the English Channel

Two dead gulls were found in Montmartin-sur-Mer (Manche), near Coutances. Analyzes showed, Saturday June 11, 2022, that the two birds were carriers of the avian influenza virus (not to be confused with avian influenza, the name given to the disease caused in humans by this virus). A “highly pathogenic” virus Other tests are in progress […]