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▲ The 5 month old baby died suddenly after being sent to the nanny for 2 months. On the day of the autopsy, the baby screamed “painful ugly ugly”, which made the mother cry. (Photo / Provided by Mr. Huang)

A couple from Huang’s family in Tainan paid 25,000 yuan

per month to give the 3 month old baby to a nanny for “day care” (24 hours from Monday to Friday). received a phone call from the nanny, only to learn that her son lost his breath and was rushed to hospital. At that moment “corpse spots” had appeared and the emergency time was missed. The family members had collapsed, but what made them even more unacceptable was that the nanny had nothing to do with them. The changes changed again and again, the monitor thread was “cut” too. So far, I just hope to restore the truth. The police point out that everything is accepted by law, and the whole case has gone into a judicial investigation.A mom in the Facebook group “Common of informants

“The post recalled that at 6 a.m. on the 16, she suddenly got a call from the nanny and told her that” the baby is not breathing. “The collapse of parenthood is endless, and the babysitter’s words” Not. I know, I fell asleep “they even made them unacceptable. And two days before the accident, the Social Affairs Bureau went to check that all the equipment in the nanny’s house was up to standard, but after the incident, they checked the monitor, but found that the monitor was not recording any video, “only the cut wire remains.” Mr. Huang, the father of the child, said that when he saw the photo of the cut wire, the screen of the monitor seemed to have been “treated”, then said that the baby fell asleep on his stomach, and then said that she did not hold the baby, and the baby was placed next to her.

Mr. Huang said that through introducing others, he believed the nanny was very caring and had a nanny certificate, so he handed him his son for treatment.  Unexpectedly, a tragedy happened.  After that, there were some really strange things, including the delivery of care from Monday to Friday.He was not allowed to visit his son, nor to film, because there were other children to take care of.  After the accident, when the nanny was taking notes, it still seemed like he didn't care with his legs crossed.

Parents can only look at the photos and remember them now, hoping to find the truth and seek justice for their precious child. (Photo / Provided by Mr. Huang)

▲ Parents can only look at the photos and remember, hoping to find the truth and seek justice for their precious child. (Photo / Provided by Mr. Huang)

Since the circumstances and reasons could not be clearly explained, the prosecutor believed that there were doubts and could not issue a death certificate, and an autopsy was required to clarify the case. The baby’s mother cried when she felt the need for an autopsy: “The pain is so painful it’s about to die. How many times does a four month old have to suffer enough injuries? I’m really hurt and sad.” The night of the autopsy, she also dreamed of her son Tuomeng crying. He told her, “Mom, I’m sore and ugly” and made her cry when she woke up and said, “I really want to hold my son to protect and comfort him, but I can’t hold or touch him anymore. The baby’s statement sitter is suspicious and the baby needs to be autopsied. What about your conscience, babysitter? ” “Mom miss you so much, I really miss you, she really wants to hug you, kiss you and touch you, mom will do everything in her power to her. Go find out why and do yourself justice.”

The baby’s father said that if time came back, he would surely choose to sacrifice his job and not send the baby to a nanny, in fact all they wanted was the truth and hoped to seek justice for the son. In this regard, the Xinying branch of the jurisdiction said: The case has been accepted in accordance with the law and the nanny will be charged with death by negligence after being heard and the prosecutor will also find out the truth of the whole case in detail.

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