Sofi Marinova was ridiculed by her colleagues: I feel offended!

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Sophie Marinova is severely offended after being ridiculed and intrigued. It is not yet clear who is at the root of this scandal, but the singer allowed herself to write her opinion on the issue on her Instagram account.

“Hello, my dear friends. I want to say a few things to those who pretend to love and adore me. I would like to ask them to stop advertising while mocking my image. I don’t mind anyone, but I don’t I think it is right for me to be the object of ridicule, especially from my colleagues! Please do not dig into my personal life and family and do not involve my son in your sketches and intrigues! Is Lorenzo my son? is a ridiculous joke, at least think of something more original.

It is well known that I have never allowed myself to discuss a colleague or give an opinion on a project or song. I also assure you that I have always hated gossip and intrigue no matter who it is, and I do not allow anyone to speak in front of me about others! You know I’m a very broad-minded person, but everything has its limits! I feel offended! ”

This was surprisingly announced by Sophie minutes ago, without giving details of what sketch she meant. Apparently her colleagues grieved her with laughter about her and her son Lorenzo, who is her great pride.

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