[Société] Ségur de la santé: three paramedical professions upgraded

SOCIAL. The CDFT Santé does not hide its satisfaction at having contributed to the recent increase in the salaries of three paramedical professions within the framework of the Ségur agreement: laboratory technicians, dieticians and trainers in pharmacy, agents or employees of the Public Service.

The negotiations focused on the reengineering of these professions and the recognition of their skills by moving to category A on the ISG grid (Geographical hardship allowances). On Friday May 7, the office of the Minister of Health announced to the unions that these professional categories would move to category A on January 1, 2022 whatever happens, that is to say even if the reengineering was not completed. . This work should also begin on June 1.

For the unions and in particular the CDFT Santé-Social, these upgradings could not have been obtained without the signature of Ségur. These revaluations are in addition to the increase of 183 euros received by everyone in hospitals and nursing homes.

Nevertheless, the demands are not over for all: a national day of action is planned for May 18 at the initiative of the association “Health in danger”, created in July 2020 to request a Ségur 2. For the CFDT Santé -Social, it is fashionable to point out that this movement, to which the non-signatories of the July 2020 Ségur agreement are rallying, tends to delegitimize the trade union organizations that are signatories of Ségur.

The victory claimed by these unions over the recent upgradings of these three new professional categories is clearly not recognized by all.

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