Snapchat and TikTok filter crying inspired by Amber Heard

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Mexico City / 21.05.2022 09:16:56

A month ago the trial began between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, the actor accuses to his ex-wife of defamation and between the different statements and reactions that have happened, It has drawn attention when the actress cried while giving one of her testimonies. This has caused many to believe that the viral filter we see on Snapchat and TikTok was inspired by her.

Around the same time that Amber Heard’s reaction to the trial went viral, so did the filter where people look like they’re crying. this effect has circulated on different social networks such as Snapchat, app where it was created, and later on TikTok where it became popular.

It is more and more common to see our friends oiEven celebrities use this filterbut was it inspired by Amber Heard crying?

In accordance with TMZ, Snapchat denied having been inspired by Amber Heard to make this filter. The app assures that they started working on it six months ago, long before the trial between Johnny Depp and the actress began.

How to get the filter?

As we told you, this filter is found on Snapchat, so you must download the application to use it. Once you have the app, open the camera, select the face next to the button to take a photo and you will have to look for the filter, but it will most likely be the first to appear, since it is the most popular.

Finally, take a photo or video and download it, this can be done with the middle button in the options at the bottom. Then look for it in your gallery and you can share it on other social networks.

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