What is the weather forecast for Saturday May 21, 2022 in Los Angeles | Videos | Univision 34 Los Angeles KMEX

oral ballot by mail.we start next week withchance of showers.prepare su protector solar.david: oswaldo, we areanticipating that huge mass ofhot air like but that’s itgo ahead.we come to the weekend.what if we go to lax?maybe you will go outout of our aria.temperature in the low 60s,abundant cloudiness.to newark, new jersey, habeen cancelled.That’s what the national scene looks likewe have a couple of systemslow pressure makes giving thesnowfallIt’s been a whirlwindwinds driven from a densemarine layer of about 5000 feet,what enabled the cloudsenter inland areasempire today.if you go to the county fairangels in pomona, lastemperatures will bevery trusty, 66.fromlas 10:00. 60.in an hour they will arriverainfall to thatterritory.let’s take the journeywhat is happening in thenext hours.starting at 2:30 a.m.early morning, rainfallare affecting clermont, sandimas.we advance the river, at 4:00in the morning the elulasexpand to areas in the valleyfrom coachella, abundantcloudinessat 3:00 in the afternoon, theskies will be completelyclear for a sundaysimply spectacular. themaximum temperatures ofTomorrow they’ll be in the low 70’sin areas like riverside,fullerton, losángeles.68 for the weekend.then the low 70s. the nextMonday begins the ascent in thethermometer.For santaana, tomorrow’s temperaturesin 70, they go nuys with 70 and 4.74.We can see the rise inthe thermometer for the nextweek in 78 as of

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