Skopje airport is closed, more than 20 bomb alerts in schools, stadiums, hotels

As of this morning, all entrances and exits of Skopje International Airport are closed due to bomb alert. The Interior Ministry confirms that checks by special counter-terrorism units are underway, reports the bTV News correspondent from North Macedonia.

“Flights have not been cancelled, but traffic is currently suspended until we receive a notification from the Interior Ministry that it is safe for the airport to continue operating on its usual schedule,” said Tav Macedonia, who is the Skopje Airport concessionaire.

Notifications published for the first time bombs they were sent to schools all over the country, such as Kumanovo, Bitola, Kavadartsi. The email that was sent says:

“We can do it every day, do you want it?” Because the end doesn’t look good for you and your children, citizens, people. Or you may decide to finally make the right decision. Let’s end the sanctions.”

They were today evacuated Tose Proeski stadium, two famous hotels in Skopje, 15 primary and secondary schools, Macedonian Football Federation, Sitel TV, national TV.

For more than two months, North Macedonia has been unable to cope with the false bomb alerts that evacuate shopping malls, schools and government institutions every day.

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