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Starbucks employee refuses to serve unmasked customer, receives more than $ 60,000

Starbucks customer Amber Lynn Gilles publicly denounced employee Lenin Gutierrez for refusing to serve her because she was not wearing a mask. (Facebook capture)

A young waiter at a Starbucks in California (United States) refused to serve a client because she did not wear a mask and did not want to wear one. The latter published a photo of the employee to report him on Facebook, but Internet users supported the server and some even participated in a kitty to offer him a tip.

A client of a Starbucks in San Diego (California) has publicly complained about the actions of a waiter, who nevertheless only applied the sanitary rules laid down by her employer. Lenin Gutierrez became a public figure within hours of an event at his workplace last Monday.

That day, a young woman showed up at the Starbucks counter without a respirator. The coffee chain employee refused to serve her and asked her to wear one. The latter did not wish to comply and preferred to take a picture of the employee, assuring him that she was going to denounce him to the management of the American firm.

She publishes her photo on Facebook

Finally, the young woman posted the photo on Facebook the same day, accompanied by the following message: “ Here’s Leneen from Starbucks who refused to serve me because I don’t wear a mask. Next time I’ll wait for the cops and bring a medical exemption ” A publication identified by the Huffington Post.

A few hours were enough for her publication to backfire. Internet users, who have commented on the photo more than 88,000 times and shared the publication almost 50,000 times in five days, did not appreciate that the young man was denounced in the public square when he had done nothing but his work.

One of them, Matt Cowan, outraged by the act of the client, decided to create a support kitty for Lenin Gutierrez. Presented as a ” tip », it exceeded $ 61,700 (€ 55,000) this saturday evening. When learning the news, Lenin Gutierrez wanted to thank all these unknown donors, approaching 5,000, for their unexpected support.

He publishes a video of thanks

In a video posted on Facebook, he also returned to this story which has taken on surprising proportions: “ I asked her if she had a mask, she replied that she didn’t need it. I showed him the recommendations for customers showing the obligation to wear the mask ” did he declare.

“She lost her nerves and started to feel uncomfortable. She left, then she came back and asked me my name. I told her my name was Lenin, she took a picture of me and said she would contact Starbucks head office Continued the young man.

Death threats

For her part, client Amber Lynn Gilles claims to have received numerous death threats since the story went viral. She also posted a video on social media to testify.

« I never threatened him, I just called him to report his actions. I never threatened him and I received death threats, thousands, it’s very scary “She said.

« We respectfully ask customers to follow the safety protocols and social distancing recommended by public health officials, including wearing a face mask when visiting our stores. “Said a representative of the Starbucks brand who expressed the firm’s position to the local TV channel KGTV.

With the money collected, Lenin Gutierrez assured that he will fulfill his dream of becoming a dancer.

In France, employees of McDonald’s in Agde (Hérault) did not have the chance of Lenin Gutierrez when they asked a group of fifteen customers to wear a mask before entering the restaurant. They were beaten.

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