Scholz called the reason for the delay in the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine

“We are going to deliver all the weapons that we have… there is training going on right now. It would be a mistake to just deliver the Panzerhaubitze 2000, which is one of the most advanced weapons with the largest artillery capability in the world, without any instructions, training or anything or else,” Scholz said after meeting with the prime ministers of the eastern German states on the island of Reems in the Baltic Sea.

According to him, anti-aircraft tanks “Gepard” have not yet been delivered, as training continues.

“We are talking about really heavy equipment. You have to be able to use it, you have to be trained to work with it, which is currently happening in Germany,” Scholz stressed.

He added that the same applies to the promised Cobra radar system and the modern Iris-T air defense system.

“These are the most advanced systems that are in demand all over the world, and many would like to have them,” the Chancellor said.

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