Saturday Horoscope September 25: Control yourself! Quarrels are not worth it

Due to the influence of Mars in Libra, you have a tendency to explosiveness and impatience, which is a very explosive combination. Try to control yourself and avoid any potential disputes. Possible ruptures are not worth it! At the same time, Venus’s test of fidelity awaits you, whether you succeed is up to you.


Jealousy will appear in your relationship. It won’t be pleasant at all. Try to explain to your partner that he has no reason to worry, but be prepared that he will not be willing to understand such rational arguments. However, ignoring the problem cannot help you.


Today you will dedicate yourself to relaxation in the comfort of your home. And that’s the way it should be! After all, the weekend is here to recharge your batteries and strength for the next working week. And you will behave accordingly. Forget about housework. Indulge in hobbies.


Due to the influence of Mars in Libra, you are prone to explosiveness and impatience, which is a very explosive combination. The result can be fierce quarrels with your partner. Try to control yourself and avoid any potential disputes. Possible ruptures are not worth it!


You will be in full shape! You pass on energy and vigor to everyone around you. In particular, you will infect your family and partner with your good mood and unfailing humor. Thanks to this, you will enjoy a very pleasant day, which has considerable potential. You may quite go on an adventure.

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You can avoid solving fundamental problems. This will greatly lift your spirits today. But only temporarily. Be aware that sweeping under the carpet will not just disappear. On the contrary. The rest will catch up with you at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, consider a reason to celebrate.


You will not control your love feelings and passionately confess your love for your idol. Prepare to experience an embarrassing reaction and probably no response. Give the person concerned time. You will see that nothing is lost. Exactly opposite. Just don’t be too submissive!


Venus’s test of fidelity awaits you. A whether you succeed is up to you. Realize what’s at stake, if possible, before you do anything irreversible. Try to be rational. There is no point in pouring ashes on your head. Just think about how much you value the relationship.


The surroundings will admire your indomitable zeal. If you want, you can be completely tireless and no one in the world can spoil your mood. Today is just such a day. You will be able to transfer your positive energy to your surroundings. Get ready for a fun-filled Saturday!

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Unfortunately, due to the retrograde Jupiter in Ryb, you will not avoid problems and domestic rifts. Fortunately, however, it will be only minor showers, which will have a very mild course. Therefore, do not bother with them unnecessarily and take them with due care.


To a single person, a certain person shows emotions. Try to be tactful and sensitive, it is a thorny issue. But definitely be honest. You tend to lie just so you don’t hurt him. But that is the way to hell. You better be cruelly open.


The last thing you care about today is any quarrel. Therefore, you give in to your partner in everything and allow him to be completely under his direction today. Your counterpart’s ideas will not be bad at all. In the end, you will achieve both peace and quite a pleasant Saturday.


Today you will be able to attract the person you secretly long for. Of course you will be in seventh heaven, but do not rest on your laurels! Believe that you have juices up to. Therefore, you must not be idle. It is only necessary to find a balance between unnecessary shame and excessive sovereignty.



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