Samsung Distributes 200 Cell Phones to PJJ in Bangka Belitung

JAKARTA, – Samsung Electronics Indonesia handed over 200 units of smart phones (smartphone) Galaxy A01 Core complete with SIM card for students / orphans studying in SMA, SMK, Madrasah Aliyah, and SLB in Bangka Belitung Islands Province for distance learning (PJJ).

This was done by Samsung because PJJ continues to this day amid the Covid-19 pandemic that has not ended. Meanwhile, many students face obstacles, some of which are related to internet access and not all students have digital devices, or smartphone.

Head of Corporate Citizenship Samsung Electronics Indonesia Ennita Pramono said that for Samsung, education is one way to improve the quality of life.

Therefore, it is important to fulfill the need for educational support facilities, especially during online learning. Unfortunately, these supporting facilities are difficult for students with mediocre parents, or even students who no longer have parents.

“By initiating the provision of 200 units smartphone “We hope to provide the widest possible opportunity for students who are less fortunate so that they can achieve their dreams and have a better future,” said Ennita, in her statement, Friday (30/10).

Regional Secretary of the Bangka Belitung Islands Provincial Government, Dr Drs. Naziarto, SH, MH, added that the government continues to strive to overcome the obstacles facing the world of education during this pandemic period and make it a priority.

Therefore, personally and on behalf of the local government, he expressed his appreciation and gratitude to Samsung for working together to provide support to the Provincial Government of the Bangka Belitung Islands in the field of education.

“Facility assistance smartphone Of course, it is very helpful for students in Bangka Belitung in participating in distance learning and it will be used properly, not used for things that are not useful, “concluded Naziarto.

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