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Galaxy S24 Pre-Order Delays: Release Date, Trade-In Offers, and Shipping Updates

I reserved a Galaxy S24. The release date is April 11th, but when I tried to pre-order the SIM-free 256GB model (Cobalt Violet) at Samsung’s online shop on April 5th, it said, “Scheduled to ship in mid-May.” The display didn’t change even if I changed the storage capacity or color, so I guess it’s selling well. Or perhaps the initial shipments of SIM-free models are low in the first place.

The author recognizes that the biggest appeal of the S series is its “compact yet high performance,” so I chose the basic Galaxy S24 without hesitation over the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

I wanted to use it right away, so I was wondering why I would have to wait more than a month, but the pre-order campaign is only valid until April 10th. I was planning to trade in the Galaxy Z Flip4 that I had been using, and there was a campaign that would increase the trade-in value by up to 20,000 yen, so I decided to make a reservation.

You had to make a reservation by April 10th to receive the benefits of the pre-order campaign.

I also found it attractive that the trade-in price would be higher.

The price of Galaxy S24 (256GB) is 124,700 yen. Through the pre-order campaign, you can get up to 11,000 yen off when purchasing other products at the same time. By the way, the discount amount varies depending on the model you purchase, and in the case of the 1TB model of Galaxy S24 Ultra, you can get a discount of up to 28,000 yen. If I could get that much of a discount, I might have bought the Galaxy Watch6. However, at 11,000 yen, I didn’t think it was a huge discount, so I decided to buy a case that seemed easy to use. The price is 9312 yen. In other words, I didn’t use up 11,000 yen and ended up with 1,688 yen left.

After completing the purchase procedure, you will be taken to a screen where you can complete the trade-in procedure. The campaign that increases the trade-in amount will be applied if you purchase a device between April 3rd and May 7th and then apply for a trade-in between April 5th and May 31st. However, the Galaxy S24 I ordered will arrive in mid-May, and I plan to pay by credit card when I receive it.

Am I the target? I was worried, but if I applied right away, the trade-in amount would be 51,700 yen instead of the normal 31,700 yen, so I decided to apply with Eiya.

The trade-in value of the Galaxy Z Flip4 that I was using was estimated at 51,700 yen.

Is it possible after completing the application? That’s what I thought about the collection date for the device I was trading in. The period of collection dates that can be selected is short. I didn’t take a screenshot of the screen, so I don’t remember exactly, but it must have been about a week from the day after the application date. In other words, I have to wait until mid-May for the newly purchased Galaxy S24 to arrive, but I have to get rid of the traded-in Galaxy Z Flip4 immediately (I specified April 9th).

I didn’t have any problems because I wasn’t using the Galaxy Z Flip4 as my main device (in fact, I hadn’t used it much recently), but if it were a normal model change, there would be a period when neither could be used. It happens, right? I guess it was my fault for not researching carefully beforehand, but I was a little confused. If you are a clumsy person like me, please be careful.

A courier came to collect the Galaxy Z Flip4 on April 9th. It’s very smooth because you hand over the terminal saying, “Yes, this is it.” The trade-in amount has not yet been determined, but since I think it is in very good condition, I think it will probably be appraised at the upper limit (51,700 yen) or something close to it.

However, after I applied for a trade-in, I looked up the trade-in value on Mercari and the trade-in value at a second-hand shop, and found that it was quite high. I think the price of 51,700 yen with Samsung’s campaign is a bit too low. Once again, I was left feeling uneasy, wishing they could provide a little more service.

The last “moyamoya” is today (April 10th). In order to write this article, I checked Samsung’s online shop again and found that the products were scheduled to be shipped sequentially from April 18th (Thursday). Since it is “sequentially”, it is not clear when it will actually arrive, but it looks like it will arrive sometime in April.

Maybe the arrival date of the Galaxy S24 I reserved will be earlier? When I checked my order history with little hope, there was no change in the scheduled shipping date, and it was “scheduled to be delivered from the release date on May 16, 2024.” I didn’t really understand what “Release date: May 16th” meant, so I was confused.

A screen shot of the author’s order history.The device is expected to arrive after May 16th.

In any case, I would like to get my hands on a Galaxy S24 as soon as possible and use Galaxy AI to eliminate this “moyamoya” feeling.

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