Royal Society | 2022-23 season: the calendar for the League, the Copa del Rey and the Europa League

The Assembly of the Spanish Federation developed this past week monopolized important informative spaces, but it did so exclusively for the new and succulent salary approved for President Luis Rubiales. Little has been said, meanwhile, that the appointment also served to give the green light to the competition schedule state for the next 2022-23 seasonwhich joins the one designed by the UEFA for their tournaments and draw the most special course that is remembered in terms of agenda. Between November and December the Qatar World Cupa fact that conditions the programming of all the equipment, including the Real society. The txuri-urdin already have a roadmap with which they will have to get to work next July 7 in Zubieta, facing a course with marked particularities. They will be the following, analyzed month by month.

THREE ‘CLEAN’ WEEKS, A BLESSING. La Real will start the League by playing the first four days on Saturday or Sunday and with clean weeks between games. Without a doubt, a blessing waiting for what will wait in autumn.

EUROPE STARTS AND INTERNATIONAL BREAK. In September, Imanol’s men will play their first two European games, just before the international break with which a month of only five commitments will end.

THE CURVES BEGIN. The txuri-urdin team will play nine games in October. There will be the League every weekend (five), the Europa League on three of the four Thursdays and the week-to-week domestic match on the remaining Wednesday.

LAST SPRINT BEFORE THE WORLD CUP. Everything will stop in mid-November on the occasion of the World Cup in Qatar. Before, Real will have closed its European league, played two new League games and debuted in the Copa del Rey.

RETURN TO COMPETITION AT CHRISTMAS. Just four days after the conclusion of the World Cup, club football will resume with the second round of the Cup (December 21-22-23) and a league match prior to New Year’s Eve.

THE MONTH OF THE CUP. There will be a League every weekend in January, with the exception of Sunday 1. The month, in any case, aims to decide a good part of Txuri-Urdin’s luck in the Cup, after previous rounds that are expected to be more affordable.

A EUROPEAN ROUND TO AVOID. If Real is second (still in the Europa League) or third (falls to the Conference) of its European group, it will play a round of 32 in February. If he is the leader (goes directly to the round of 16) or fourth (dismounted), he will see his calendar oxygenated, since he will not face commitments on Thursday, February 16 and 23.

IMPORTANT OBJECTIVE OF THE COURSE. La Real has not played a European round of 16 since the 2003-04 Champions League. He will seek to repeat the experience in March, the month during which the Cup semifinal will also be defined. International break from the 20th.

MANY LEAGUE AND DECISIVE DUELS. April will be the month of the Cup final and the quarterfinals of the European tournaments. La Real will try to combine the five league days with the dispute of one of these momentous events, the two if possible.

A DURÍSIMO FINAL ARREÓN. May awaits with six League games (two on Wednesday) in which a good part of the final txuri-urdin classification will be decided. The month will also include continental semi-finals and the Europa League final.

LATE CLOSING. The League will conclude on the weekend of June 3-4, a match that will be followed three days later by the Conference League final. La Real will fall into the draw of this tournament if they are third in their Europa League group.

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