Rows of HP Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi Prices are below Rp. 1.5 million, specifications are okay until there is a waterproof one

JURNALSUMSEL.COMHP Android has dominated the Indonesian market in recent years.

Various brands such as Vivo, Oppoday Xiaomi many gadget users hunted because price pocket friendly.

In addition, various series are offered Vivo, Oppoday Xiaomi also no less than other brands that are in the upper class.

If you are confused looking for smartphone with specification sophisticated however price stay friendly, here are the recommendations smartphone cheap ones that gadget lovers can try.

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1. Oppo A5s

Oppo A5s is equipped with camera 13 + 2MP rear with a pixel density of 271ppi and a display resolution of 720 x 1520pixels.

Previously, this article was published in Galamedia News with the title “Confused THR Money for What? Here’s a Rp 1 million HP recommendation from Oppo to Vivo, right at the Lebaran moment“.

With a weight of 170g, smartphone it has Octa Core processor. Release date for Oppo A5s: March 2019.

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