Possible new book about the Meilandjes: ‘There is still something in the pen’ | Stars

“There is still something in the pen, but we can’t say too much about it yet. It’s about the coming time,” Erica said on Saturday during an interview on the stage of the Libelle Zomerweek in Haarlemmermeer. Opposite Show news she confirmed moments later that a new book might be on the way. “We are now discussing this with Jan Dijkgraaf, the writer. So it’s still very early, but I think it’s a very nice idea,” said Erica.

The book should be the successor to the books that were previously published about the Meilandjes. Especially the book Erica, the engine behind the Meilandjes caused quite a stir last year. In the biography, for example, Renkema compares women in burqas to penguins and calls headscarves ‘not normal’. The media storm that arose around her as a result, among other things, led to various companies no longer wanting to work with the well-known TV family.

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