Rowasol: Smaller containers for liquid colors


The two containers extend the reusable Color-Cube liquid paint packaging to smaller volumes. (Photo: Rowasol)

Rowasol, Pinneberg, has expanded its portfolio of reusable packaging for Color Cube liquid paints downwards.

For applications with lower paint consumption or where the mass to be lifted is limited for ergonomic reasons, a stable ten liter tin bucket with clamping ring from the company Kiewe Technologies, Wettringen, is now used. A pull-out thread is integrated in the lid, onto which a quick-release connector is screwed to ensure a drip-free connection of the paint-carrying line to the dosing system. It is emptied overhead, which is why there is a transport-secured air inlet valve on the bottom of the container. Both the plug and the valve are innovative in-house developments by the supplier, which are manufactured in small series using 3D printing.

Furthermore, a screw-top container with a volume of one liter will be used in the future for sampling small quantities. The special feature of this solution is the permanently integrated quick-release connector in the lid of the container, which is also manufactured using 3D printing. The handy container only has to be connected to the paint hose and placed upside down on a standard container holder. After removing the stopper from the bottom of the container ventilation, you can start adding the paint. Thanks to the large opening, the can is easy to clean and reuse.

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