Ron Jeremy: US pornstar charged with rape

Ron Jeremy, an American porn actor, has been charged with rape in Los Angeles. Prosecutors list four women, including rape and sexual assault, in the published charges against the 67-year-old.

The attacks against women aged 25 to 46 are said to have occurred in a house and bar in West Hollywood between 2014 and 2019. Jeremy faces 90 years in prison if convicted.

Jeremy was taken into police custody. His bail was set at $ 6.6 million. His lawyer Stuart Goldfarb denied the allegations. Jeremy is not a “rapist,” Goldfarb told AFP.

In recent years, Jeremy has faced allegations of sexual assault, including colleagues from the sex film industry. But the porn star always denied the descriptions of the women.

Ron Jeremy describes himself as sex-obsessed

Jeremy, real name Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, is one of the iconic characters in the porn industry. He has starred in more than a thousand sex films. In 2007 he published an autobiography entitled “One man and four thousand women”. In it he described himself as sex-obsessed.

The wave of allegations of violence and assault against celebrities in the entertainment industry had with the fall of the Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein began. The announcement of the allegations against Weinstein solved the worldwide in autumn 2017 # MeToo movement against sexual violence against women.

The sensational lawsuit against Weinstein was primarily about two allegations: Weinstein is said to have forced production assistant Mimi Haleyi to have oral sex in 2006 and raped today’s hairdresser Jessica Mann in 2013.

In February Weinstein in New York was found guilty of rape and sexual assault and sentenced to 23 years in prison in March. He currently sits this sentence in a prison in the state New York from.

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