Richard Lugner Makes a Splash at Oktoberfest with Younger Companions and Reality Show Filming

Richard Lugner Makes a Splash at Oktoberfest with Younger Companions and Reality Show Filming


Out and about at the Oktoberfest in Munich: The Austrian celebrity Richard Lugner with, among others, his ex-wife “Mausi” (2nd from left) on September 17, 2023. © IMAGO/Daniel Scharinger

The building contractor and reality TV star Richard Lugner was once again at the Oktoberfest. In tow is a group of much younger women.

Munich – Millions of visitors come to Oktoberfest every year, including many celebrities. Oktoberfest hosts are usually very close to the action, but usually keep quiet about what is going on in the VIP areas of the festival tents. Oktoberfest host Stephan Kuffler grants in his Oktoberfest diary provides a glimpse behind the scenes and doesn’t shy away from honest words – for example when he discovered “Wiesn Grandpa” Richard Lugner at the Oktoberfest.

“Wiesn grandpa” Richard Lugner visits Oktoberfest: grandchildren in tow?

For “celebrities of all categories of the alphabet,” the Oktoberfest is like a magnet and a stage “on which you have to push yourself a little bit forward because of the high density of VIPs,” wrote the innkeeper on Tuesday (September 19th) in his Oktoberfest diary. “Some come with private security – the less important, the more of it – and the smartest ones bring their own filming team with them.” At this year’s Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest host Kuffler also saw 90-year-old Richard “Mörtel” Lugner walking across the festival meadow.

Austrian businessman and celebrity, Richard Lugner, is also known by the nickname “Mörtel”. © IMAGO/Daniel Scharinger

The businessman and reality TV actor was accompanied by much younger visitors. “At first I thought he had his grandchildren in tow, but it was one of those private camera teams that give every Oktoberfest appearance the appropriate glamor.” Judging by the pictures, Lugner’s ex-wife “Mausi” was also there the alleged ex-girlfriend of the building contractor Lisa alias “Täubchen”, who is around 50 years younger than Lugner. “Respect for the man, because he is over 90 years old,” Kuffler continued.

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Filming at the Oktoberfest: Richard Lugner is apparently filming for his reality soap “The Lugners”

A report from Oe24 According to the construction tycoon, he was filming at the Oktoberfest for his reality series “The Lugners,” which is broadcast by the Austrian broadcaster ATV. The businessman Richard Lugner is a big name in the Austrian celebrity scene. He made his fortune primarily through construction business – hence his nickname “Mortar”. But he became famous, among other things, for his appearances at the Vienna Opera Ball. The women in Lugner’s life usually get an “animal nickname” from “Mörtel”, such as “Mausi”, “Spatzi” or “Katzi”, and are usually significantly younger than the 90-year-old businessman. At the age of 82, Lugner married his 24-year-old playmate Cathy Schmitz. The marriage failed a short time later.

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