Meghan Markle and Harry threatened: 9 calls to the police in a few months

Since they moved to the exclusive Montecito villa in July 2020, Meghan Markle e Harry they were forced to call ben 9 times the police, basically one phone call a month.

The Sussex are constantly under attack and in the crosshairs of fanatics or simply too enthusiastic admirers who intend to sneak into their home. But caution is never too much, also because they are so prominent that their safety can really be in danger.

Thus, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office received 9 reports from Harry and Meghan’s mansion in as many months, including 2 at Christmas when an individual tried to break into the Sussex property. While for The alarm system went off 5 times of the villa.

As reported by the Daily Mail, this data was made public after Meghan Markle and Harry shared their fears about their own safety with Oprah Winfrey. In fact, according to what the police have recorded, they are not completely wrong. In July of last year alone, four interventions were requested by the police, one of which after a telephone request, while the others were defined as “alarm activation”. And they all happened early in the day.

Another request came in August and then one in November. Finally at Christmas when a man from Ohio, Nickolas Brooks, sneaked into private property. Warned on December 25 by the police, he returned to the Sussex villa on Boxing Day and was subsequently arrested for housebreaking and soon after released. The man, who apparently has a criminal record, said on the matter: “I don’t know why I went to their house, that’s where I ended up. I drove across the country, I know it’s crazy ”. And he continued: “I spent a night in prison and I was told not to go near their property, but I will not be tried”.

Evidently, the transfer of Meghan and Harry to Montecito has attracted attention to them that can be defined morbid, due not only to the novelty of having royalty in Hollywood but also to the fact that the couple has appeared more vulnerable since losing protection. of Buckingham Palace.

The last call from the Sussex mansion started on February 16, 2021 and was classified as an “alarm activation”. Representatives for Harry and Meghan declined to comment, as well as the Santa Barbara sheriff’s spokesman declined to provide further details.

Anyway, Lady Markle what time it is pregnant for the second time of a child and spouse have always expressed concern for their safety, especially since the 24-hour protection of the police was removed, following the Megxit. And it seems that Prince Charles was adamant on the decision not to finance their private security.

Probably, thanks to the billionaire deals with Netflix, so the first series produced by Sussex has been announced, and with Spotify, Harry and Meghan will be able to pay for their bodyguards.


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