North Korea-Russia Military Cooperation and its Impact on Security

North Korea-Russia Military Cooperation and its Impact on Security

■ Host: Anchor Na Gyeong-cheol, Anchor Yoo Da-won
■ Appearance: Shin Jong-woo, Secretary General, Korea Defense and Security Forum

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◇Anchor> You pointed out that although there is a need, the possibility of reform is low. This time, I will also touch on military cooperation between North Korea and Russia, but I emphasized that it would be a provocation aimed directly at our country’s security and peace. North Korea’s nuclear and missile advancements are a concern not only for us but also for the United States.

◆Shin Jong-woo> That’s right. The technologies that North Korea currently possesses have been developing nuclear weapons and missiles for a long time. I’ve been concentrating. However, in the case of North Korea’s newly launched SLBM submarines and new 3,000-ton submarines, many military experts estimate that the performance of submarines, although not missiles, will be significantly reduced because they are made using past technology, and the reconnaissance satellites that North Korea now calls the Great Mirror are You’re failing one after another. Although North Korea has some basic technology, there seem to be some walls that it cannot overcome. However, if Russia solves this problem, it will inevitably have a serious impact on our security. So, it was natural for you to say something like that.

◇Anchor> Then, what did Chairman Kim Jong-un discuss with Russia during this visit to Russia? Do you think this issue of transferring space technology will be resolved?

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◆Shin Jong-woo> I think we need to watch the time. It has already been mentioned in foreign media reports that Russia’s 122mm multiple rocket launcher is being used in the Ukraine war, and the United States has already said that it is also being used. So, to what extent is the ammunition that North Korea can provide now, and isn’t military cooperation a give-and-take? Russia has to accept it anyway, now. If you think about it from a position where you have to receive it, if you receive it and it’s not that good, then you probably shouldn’t do it.

◇Anchor> Are you saying that you will receive it and then decide how much technology to give?

◆Shin Jong-woo> That’s right. Of course, cooperation is like that. Looking at it now, Chairman Kim Jong-un attracted the attention of the international community by traveling around Russia by train for a while. First of all, the propaganda was quite successful. Now, the international community is in a situation where just showing it is threatening. I think we’ll have to wait and see, and now North Korea has mentioned that they will relaunch a reconnaissance satellite in October if they see it again. It’s next month. Just because we are given the technology now doesn’t mean we can prove it right away. So, rather than talking about missiles, Chairman Kim Jong-un inspected a fighter jet factory again, and the area that North Korea is most vulnerable to is air power. It is quite vulnerable, but due to the sanctions against North Korea, the supply and demand of parts from North Korea is not smooth, so the operation rate of fighter jets is quite low, and there are many problems with the stability of passenger aircraft. It appears that those issues will be resolved first, but they also pose a security risk to our country. In the case of North Korea, Chairman Kim Jong-un was even revealed to see the Mig-31 fighter jet and the hypersonic missile Kinzal in person. As for the missile called Kinzal, it is too military-oriented. To put it simply, it means firing North Korea’s Iskander surface-to-surface missile into the air. just. From North Korea’s perspective, they have missiles. However, if fighter jets are introduced, North Korea will be able to operate them similarly to Russia. Of course we have to be on guard.

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◇Anchor> So, from our perspective, we have no choice but to express concern about the development of air power technology.

◆Shin Jong-woo> That’s right. That was our strength, but if North Korea threatened us in that area, we would be subject to various threats from North Korea from land, sea, and air.

Excerpt from conversation: Lee Mi-young, Digital News Team Editor

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