Revolutionary Drug Retatrutide: A Breakthrough in Weight Loss and Health Benefits

An experimental drug from Eli Lilly caused obese patients to lose 24% of their body weight over 48 weeks at the highest dose in a mid-stage study, the largest level of weight loss seen. So far, it is among a new class of drugs that have revolutionized this field.

The drug, called retatrutide, had similar side effects to approved drugs in its same class, including Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro, according to researchers in an Eli Lilly-funded study published Monday. In the New England Journal of Medicine.

Suppresses appetite

These drugs mimic gut hormones to suppress appetite and slow stomach emptying and are given as an injection once a week, with pill versions also in development.

Ozempic, an approved type 2 diabetes drug from Novo Nordisk, and Wegovy, an approved weight loss drug, mimic only one hormone called GLP-1, and both have been shown to produce up to 15% weight loss in trials.

Health benefits of the drug

And the drug “Retatrutide” adds a third target, i.e. glucagon, and this gave it the title “Triple G”, and its benefits were not only limited to losing weight, but also lowering blood pressure, as some patients were able to stop using blood pressure medications, according to the network. CNN “.

About three-quarters of the patients who had pre-diabetes at the start of the trial had achieved normal blood sugar levels by the end of the 48 weeks.

The study showed that patients who used the drug experienced side effects that were exacerbated by increasing doses, such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and constipation, all of which were mild symptoms.

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