Report from the cabinet meeting on December 6, 2020

December 6, 2020

Council of Ministers adopts further measures to contain the corona pandemic

The measures taken so far by the state government for Bavaria to contain the corona pandemic have not yet led to a noticeable drop in the number of infections across the country. Rather, there are still strong, diffuse infections with numerous regional hotspots. The burden on the health system is reflected in the increasing number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

The first goal of successful pandemic containment is to reach an incidence of 50. Only above this incidence value is a reliable follow-up check of infection routes possible and only then can we think about easing the situation for public life. However, the infection rate is currently moving to the side and does not show a clear downward trend line. The number of daily corona deaths in Bavaria has reached an alarming extent, with the elderly population being particularly affected.

The conclusion to be drawn from this is clear: the measures that are currently in force are not sufficient to limit the pandemic in Bavaria in the long term. Therefore the state government decides for Bavaria with effect from December 9, 2020 further measures.
The state government calls on the entire population to disciplined help and asks to avoid all unnecessary contacts and to continue to consistently follow the rules of distance and hygiene.

  1. In view of the persistently high pandemic, the Minister of State of the Interior for Sport and Integration is asked to identify the corona-related situation by December 9, 2020 Katastrophenfalles ascertain.
  2. The following apply Exit restrictions:

Nationwide exit restriction
There is a nationwide exit restriction. Leaving your own home is therefore only possible with valid reasons. In particular, good reasons include:

    • the exercise of professional or official activities,
    • the use of medical and veterinary care services, visits to members of the therapeutic professions and blood donations,
    • Supply corridors, shopping in the shops opened after the 9th BayIfSMV and visiting the service companies opened after the 9th BayIfSMV (including Christmas errands),
    • visiting another house, as long as a total of five people is not exceeded (children under 14 years of age belonging to these households are not taken into account for the total number),
    • Visiting life partners, the elderly, the sick or people with disabilities,
    • the exercise of custody and access rights in the respective private area,
    • accompanying persons in need of support and minors,
    • accompanying the dying as well as funerals in a small circle,
    • Sport and exercise in the fresh air, alone, with your own household and with another household, as long as a total of 5 people is not exceeded.
    • Acts to care for animals,
    • visiting childcare facilities, schools, universities and other training facilities,
    • Office positions,
    • participation in religious services and meetings of religious communities and
    • participation in permissible meetings according to the BayVersG.

Extended curfew in hotspots
In counties or urban cities with a Incidence of more than 200 also applies:

An extended curfew applies between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. Leaving your own apartment during this time is only permitted for the following reasons:

• the exercise of professional or official activities,
• medical and veterinary emergencies,
• exercising custody and access rights,
• the accompaniment of persons in need of support and minors,
• accompanying the dying,
• actions to care for animals,
• similar weighty and irrefutable reasons.
• On the Christmas days of December 24th – 26th, participation in a church service (especially Christmas mass) is an exception.

Special Christmas arrangement
Only for the period from December 23rd to 26th is a relaxed contact restriction in all of Bavaria. During the four days, you are allowed to stay together with the members of your own household and other people, as long as the total number does not exceed a maximum of ten people (the children under the age of 14 belonging to these households are not taken into account for the total number)

For the period from December 27th and therefore also expressly for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s apply no Special regulations.

3. From the 1st to the 7th grade, in all schools and in the special needs schools as well as in FOS / BOS the Face-to-face teaching maintained.

From grade 8 onwards applies Alternating lessons. Exceptions only apply to the last school year of the respective school type.

Distance teaching applies to all vocational schools. This also applies in counties or urban districts with a Incidence of more than 200 from grade 8 (exceptions here: the last school year of the respective school type and special schools).

4. At the Trade and service companies Increased checks are carried out, particularly with a view to compliance with the minimum distance, the permitted customers per 10 or 20 square meters of sales area and the mask requirement.

5. In future, all church services across the country will require a mask and a ban on singing at the square. In future, all parties involved will be required to wear a mask at all assemblies under the Bavarian Assembly Act. Large events are prohibited.

6. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited in city centers and other places in the open air.

7. In the entry quarantine ordinance, the relief for so-called small border traffic, which previously allowed everyone to travel abroad or from abroad to Germany without testing and quarantine-free, will be deleted from December 9th. The state government intends to be able to reinstate this provision, which is particularly important for the border region, as soon as the infection process allows it. Incidentally, the regulation will be extended until January 5th. The regulations in particular for cross-border commuters, including school and training, remain unaffected. As a further exception, visits by grandparents are treated the same as visits by first-degree relatives.

8. The following applies to old people’s homes and residences, care and disabled facilities:

• Each resident may receive a maximum of one visitor per day.
• Only those who can prove a current negative corona test (especially rapid tests) are admitted as visitors.
• Visitors are only permitted to enter the facilities with an FFP2 mask.
• All employees of the facilities have to undergo a corona test at regular intervals, at least twice a week.

The state government confirms its resolution of December 1, according to which each week in the winter months one visitor to a resident of a fully inpatient nursing home and a home for the disabled receives an FFP2 mask. For this purpose, the Free State provides around 2 million masks from the pandemic central warehouse.

Patients or residents of the facilities mentioned should be relocated to other suitable facilities in order to contain the infection process as best as possible.

9. The Council of Ministers again expressly emphasizes the duty of the health authorities in each district or urban district to ensure that chains of infection are fully traced. As soon as it becomes apparent that this can no longer be guaranteed, the health authorities are obliged to request additional personnel, for example from police and armed forces. The health authorities are obliged to immediately use the digital “SORMAS” program for pandemic management and contact tracking throughout Bavaria.

In order to get a better overview of the infection process, the responsible district administrative authority has to carry out and offer voluntary series tests, especially in facilities with vulnerable people (e.g. retirement and nursing homes, disabled facilities, hospitals) and schools within the scope of the available test capacities.

The obligation of the district administrative authorities to decide on further measures in the event of an incidence of more than 300 remains unaffected. Especially when there are outbreaks of infection that are not locally controlled, the local authorities have a special responsibility to do everything necessary to protect their population.

For every government post that is at least 50% suitable for home office, home office must generally be approved in full for the individual working hours if the employee wishes to work from home and has the necessary technical infrastructure.

A new 10th BayIfSMV will be issued, which will apply from December 9, 2020 to January 5, 2021.

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Press conference on the corona pandemic (December 6th, 2020)


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