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Renovated entrances to Penn Station inaugurate

The Penn Station entrance here on 32nd Street and Seventh Avenue has a new face and this remodeling increases its entrance capacity by 50% and now, in addition, it will be fully accessible to everyone.

Just before this week of travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, Penn Station reopens its entrance on Seventh Avenue, now completely remodeled:

The entrance, much more illuminated and ventilated, is wider and more friendly so that the 600 thousand passengers who use this station daily to travel throughout the country can enter and exit quickly.

“Well, it was a little stale. It was practically an old staircase. I didn’t have any clues. Pleasant. Attractive. Especially for this area, which is totally touristy. So it was a big change,” says Juana Lapaix, a Penn Station user.

The entrance is made with all American Accessibility Association compliant features including:

A new elevator: fully accessible for people with disabilities, which also facilitates the movement of mothers and fathers with cars and passengers with large luggage.

Instead of two escalators, there are now three.

Wider sidewalks making the area easier and safer to navigate.

The canopy or cover, previously a concrete cantilever built in 1967, was replaced with a glass one that allows natural light to enter the lower station.

We spoke with some passengers, very happy with this change:

NATALIA CASTRO, Penn Station passenger

“Well, it seems very good to me, since we now have more facilities to transport ourselves and go out more. But of course, for a train, for buses, everything.”

Juana Lapaix, Penn Station passenger

“Excellent, it is very pretty, very useful for pedestrians. It is also something that makes it easier for us to get to station number 32. So it is affordable, very affordable. “It turned out very pretty.”

And some travel recommendations, since according to Triple A, 55 million people are expected to travel by land, sea and air for the holiday: buy your tickets in advance.

If you are traveling by land by train or bus, arrive at least 30 minutes before your travel time.

If it is by plane and domestic flight, be at least 2 hours before.

And for those traveling by car, it is best to leave early in the morning or after 6 pm to avoid the heaviest congestion.

According to INRIX, which provides transportation data and projections, it predicts that Wednesday, November 22 will be the busiest day on the road.

Patsi we once again reiterate these recommendations to our viewers, whether they travel through Penn Station or otherwise.]]

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