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Remembering Dr. Hammam Al-Louh: A Hero of Gaza’s Medical Community

Many faces penetrate our screens and forcefully invade our thoughts, because we cannot pass by them unnoticed. What doctors and nursing staff go through in Gaza should be taught in medical and humanitarian universities, as nothing compares to their steadfastness and dedication! They are heroes of the “white uniform” and their sacrifices, some of which were written in blood, will remain immortal in the history of Gaza.

On November 12, Israeli raids targeted the home of doctor Humam Al-Louh (36 years old) in Gaza, killing him and his father. He holds first place in the Jordanian and Arab Boards in Kidney Diseases. He decided to return to Gaza and give up his work in a Jordanian hospital after his appointment in 2018.

Hammam had described the continuation of the complete Israeli siege on Gaza as a “death sentence” in his interview with CBC, so that today it became news itself after Israel killed him.

The only doctor for kidney diseases and blood pressure, Hammam Al-Louh, the husband and father of two children (4 and 5 years old), joins the convoy of martyrs targeted by Israel, which until now has reached 198 doctors from the medical staff, and more than 200 wounded, in addition to 51 hospitals and health centers stopping work and destroyed. 41 ambulances.

In his recent interview with American Amy Goodman, Hammam revealed the true face of Gaza, the steadfastness of his doctors, and exposed everyone to his dedication. He says, “Every day I see fear in their eyes and there is not much that can be done. This is painful. If you have children, you will know how terrible and difficult it is to not be able to console them, make sure they are okay, and most importantly make them hope for anything to get through another extra day.”

Goodman asks him, “Why don’t you and your family leave for the south of the Strip?” His last words, which were spread today on various social media sites, become what remains of his dedication by responding to her: “If you leave, who will treat the sick? They are not animals! They have the right to receive health care.” “The occasion, so I won’t leave.”

As for a comment on the World Health Organization’s statement asking doctors to leave their patients and choose their lives instead of their patients, Hammam said, “Do you think that I studied medicine for more than 14 years to think about my life and leave the patients? I ask you, Madam: Do you think that this is the reason that made me leave?” “I went to medical school just to think about my life? That’s not why I wanted to become a doctor.”

His last message to the world was to stress “the consistency of their message since the beginning of the war of the necessity of ending it, because we are human beings, not animals. We have the right to live a free life.”

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