Propane gas, heated floors and solar panels

and adds that the current situation is also interesting in that pellet heating is even more expensive than propane gas. “I admit that the wood chips might be cheaper, but some units are needed to heat it, so it might not be suitable for a small park. It would be more suitable for a real industrial area,” says Senkans. “Piche” is also one of these projects considering the use of wood shavings.

To heat a system with propane gas, a tank must be installed to store it. In order not to spoil the view, in the case of the “Dižozoli” condominium project, the cistern is partially buried in the ground, but greenery has been created on top. According to the company’s calculations, it will need to be refilled about once a month during the heating season. Senkan notes that, unlike natural gas, propane gas availability is not a problem and this is reflected in the price of the resource.

In addition to the aforementioned “Dižozolu” project, “Piche” decided two months ago to create propane gas fields in 5 industrial parks owned by the company. Another similar project for the sixth park is in preparation.

Go back if natural gas costs less?

In the case of the “Dižozolu” project, heating with natural gas is still possible, which Senkāns also cites as an advantage, because it is very easy to switch heating from one energy source to another if necessary.

The manager of “Piche” assures that the company also predicts that propane gas could become more expensive than natural gas in the future. “In the past it cost twice as much. That’s why I would say both systems should be installed, propane with natural gas or propane with heat pump. In the first option, the advantage is that the systems are basically the same, the boilers are the same , but the energy source is different: one is pumped from a tank, while the other is fed via pipelines, “says the manufacturer.

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