Tron founder Justin Sun blocked by Aave for Tornado Cash transactions

There have been a number of incidents since Tornado Cash, a Mixed Token that enables transactions on Ethereum not accessible has been the US government boycottwent on August 8 and after the boycott The Dutch authorities also made an arrest on August 10 in the Netherlands.

Several reports have reported that the protocol DeFi Some are following US government sanctions. Tornafo Cash founder Justin Sun recently tweeted on Twitter that his account was blocked by Project Aave on Saturday.

According to Justin Sun, his account was blocked after someone sent 0.1 ETH to his account.

Coin Center Executive Director Jerry Brito has warned of the upcoming Tornado Cash boycott and told the media. Fortune that

“Anyone who interferes with Tornado Cash, their wallets will be banned. Even if they only received a few dollars from Tornado Cash Mixer without their consent.”

Many American celebrities earn 0.1 ETH from Tornado Cash.

The report states that the accounts of many famous people such as Jimmy Fallon, Logan Paul received 0.1 ETH from anonymous users. This led many to speculate that the action was a protest against the Tordano Cash boycott.

At this point, any American who is involved in Tornado Cash is deemed to have broken the law. but technically It is impossible to stop users from sending money via Tornado Cash to random accounts.

The US government will continue to keep an eye on Mixer, and will take some action if necessary.

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