Prince Hospital provides 3 services to consult doctors through Line – COVID check, Drive Thru, home vaccination Reduce the risk of infection

Prince Hospital Group adjusts the service system in a new normal format and launches “Dr.PRINC, Dr. Jaidee”, holds 3 medical services Both consult a doctor for free via the Drive Thru Covid Screening Line and get home wound vaccination. To reduce travel Reduce the risk of spreading

On January 14, Mr. Thanee Maneenut, Assistant Managing Director of Business Development, Principal Capital Public Company Limited (PRINC) said that in the situation of COVID 19, hospital chains Prince Has changed the model of the medical service system New Normal through the campaign “Do not worry, let us take care” to reduce travel to the hospital. Serving patients and those in need of vaccination. Including health check at home And help reduce the risk to medical personnel and Thai people in various areas Until the situation of the epidemic is resolved By launching Dr.PRINC, Dr. Jaidee consists of 3 medical services:

Thanee Maneenut, Assistant Managing Director, Business Development, Principal Capital Public Company Limited (PRINC)

1.Dr.PRINC TeleHealth How far away is it ๅ Get a consultation service from a Prince Hospital Group doctor, where you can find a doctor via Line @: @ Dr.PRINC or As an alternative to advise patients with mild symptoms. And is used for primary screening of COVID 19 and to be advised by healthcare professionals Reduce the risk of traveling outside the house. Or get advice before traveling for examination at the hospital By 24 hours consultation Monday to Friday On Saturday and Sunday, the service is available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. And will continue to serve until the situation improves

For instructions on how to use it, just go to the search box. Add a friend on Line, type @ Dr.PRINC or When accepting access Ready to fill in personal information And accept the privacy policy before using the service will go into the consultation process for medical personnel, press the Dr.PRINC TeleHealth button after that the staff will make an appointment with the doctor And inform the hours of operation via Video Call. When the time is right for an appointment, the doctor will give advice to the patient. By the staff sending a callback order The subscriber presses to answer the call. Can see a doctor online You can check how to use the steps at

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[email protected] Home care, on-site service by providing medical personnel to facilitate the home for those who are inconvenient to come to the hospital and need to receive medical services. To draw blood, make wounds, clean wounds, get vaccinated such as influenza vaccine Hepatitis B vaccine And other vaccines As recommended by your doctor Including drug and medical supplies delivery services To the patient at home Both in the form of postal Or a mobile medical staff team into the home service You can check the cost conditions and service areas at

3.Dr.PRINC Drive Thru Convenience without getting out of the car Open a service point outside the building For those who wish to screen for COVID 19 through RT-PCR screening, they can make an appointment in advance depending on the service area, such as at Prince Suvarnabhumi Hospital, Samut Prakan Province. Open every day Monday-Sunday, 8: 00-17: 00 hrs. After receiving the service, you can wait to hear the results at home. Notify results via Line SMS or email. The cost is 3,800 baht, etc.

For those who want to receive a Drive Thru vaccination service by those 15 years and older can enter the “Outside service point” without having to park the car or enter the hospital building Can make an appointment with advance payment And confirm with the staff Contact them directly at channels of each hospital. As for child vaccination, each hospital has adjusted its service area to a one-stop Vaccine Safe Zone to build confidence for parents and visitors. Which are adjusted to be in accordance with the disease control measures of each area

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In addition, Prince Hospital Group has adjusted the ARI Clinic to serve outside areas. Not mixed with normal hospital users For maximum safety for travelers to receive services in a medical facility. As for the management of medical personnel, Prince Hospital Group is divided into 3 groups: 1. A group that works in cooperation with the private hospital association and local public health agencies for the screening of COVID 19 outside the hospital. nurse 2. Groups that work in the hospital system as usual Which has strict infection prevention standards; and 3. The operating group is responsible for detainees and people with COVID. Which this group must regularly and stay in the hospital Some of them have been around for about 2 months, all of them in order to manage the risks from their operations and reduce the risks for the service clients Because the area of ​​the province is the most controlled area

Presently, the hospitals under Principal Healthcare Company Limited have operated 10 hospitals in 10 provinces, including Prince Suvarnabhumi Hospital, Samut Prakan Province. Prince Pak Nam Pho Hospital 1 and Prince Pak Nam Pho Hospital 2 Prince Uthai Thani Hospital, Uthai Thani Province Phitsanuvej Hospital Phitsanulok Province Phitsanuvej Hospital Uttaradit, Uttaradit Province Phitsanuvej Phichit Hospital, Phichit Province, Sirivej Lamphun Hospital, Lamphun Province, Wiratchasilpa Hospital, Chumphon Province, Prince Sisaket Hospital and Prince Ubon Ratchathani Hospital, Ubon Ratchathani Province

Interested parties can follow good news about medical and health at Facebook: Principal Healthcare Company or other online channels of the Prince Hospital Group Dr. PRINC TeleHealth Line Official: @ Dr. PRINC or inquire. More details can be found at Call Center: 02 080 5999.


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