Prevent Disease, Adults Also Need Immunization

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Prevention of disease through immunization is considered by a number of parties to be the most effective and efficient. Immunization Not only can it be done by children, adults and the elderly are also deemed to need immunization to prevent certain diseases.

A pediatrician from the Parent Care Foundation, Purnamawati Sujud, said that immunization at adulthood and the elderly is also an effort to maintain health through building immunity against certain diseases.

“Prevention of disease through immunization is the utmost cost effective. This means that it is efficient and the results are good, “said Purnamawati as quoted from the official website #Covid-19 task force, Friday (16/10).

He mentioned that adulthood is a productive period. Solid life activities, lifestyle, diet, exercise, and rest are things that determine health conditions from adulthood to old age.

Purnamawati stated that so far the community has understood that immunization is an effort to prevent disease from an early age. However, he stated that society often forgets that children also need healthy parents. The benefits of immunization can be felt not only by people who are immunized, but also by people around them, including family and the environment.

“Efforts to stay healthy are carried out by preventing disease, one of which is through immunization to maintain immunity,” added Purnamawati.

Internal Medicine specialist and vaccinologist Dirga Sakti Rambe said that during a pandemic like this time, adults can immunize and vaccinate against influenza and pneumonia or PVC.

“WHO specifically mentions that there are at least two large studies that show that patients who have been exposed to Covid-19, but have previously been vaccinated against influenza, have a lower risk of death and the impact when infected is lighter,” said Dirga.

The vaccine production process itself is gradual and goes through various processes and very strict test stages to ensure the safety of the vaccine. Even after obtaining a distribution permit, the safety of vaccines is continuously monitored by various institutions, including BPOM in Indonesia.

In extraordinary cases such as the Covid-19 pandemic, Dirga stated that the health industry is accelerating the process of finding vaccines, but without abandoning the principles of prudence and safety.

“Making a vaccine is quite difficult, even more difficult than making new drugs, because the concept is for prevention. Vaccines are given to healthy people, so safety is number one,” said Dirga.

WHO categorizes the vaccine as one of 10 Greatest Public Health Achievements. After the discovery of a vaccine, there will be a significant reduction in the spread of disease.

One of the success stories of disease suppression through immunization is the prevention of transmission of smallpox or smallpox. As a result of massive immunization, this disease has been extinct since 1979. WHO says, at least 2-3 million lives have been saved from diseases that can be prevented through immunization.

Dirga continued, vaccines rarely cause side effects. Health data shows that 95 percent of vaccine side effects are mild or local, and do not lead to death.

“Sometimes vaccines also cause fever but don’t worry, because fever is a sign that the vaccine is working to stimulate the immune system,” he said.


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