Presenter Lamia Fahmy Abdel Hamid.. her son explains her health condition

The media’s son said Lamia Fahmy Abdel Hamidthat his mother’s health condition has improved a lot during the last hours, and he thanked everyone who asked about her during that period.

The son of the famous media, added that his mother had severe pneumonia, and it was found from the Corona smear that she underwent a negative result, indicating that his mother will remain in the hospital until the date of her discharge is determined.

The media, Lamia Fahmy Abdel Hamid, had moved to a hospital, after she was seriously ill during the past hours, and she undertook some tests to check on her condition.

Previous injury to Lamia Fahmy Abdel Hamid in Corona

It is reported that the media, Lamia Fahmy Abdel Hamid, had recounted the experience of being infected with the Corona virus in December 2020, where she explained that the period of illness was very difficult, and the infection was transmitted to everyone in her home.

And “Lamia” added that she prayed two units of prayer as soon as she learned that she was infected with the virus, and she was afraid for her children, advising the public to wear a mask and avoid hugs and kisses.

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