Guyana. A ton of cocaine intercepted since the beginning of July

The strengthening of passenger controls at Cayenne airport has prevented the exit of a ton of cocaine to France since July 1, said Thursday the prefect of Cayenne, Thierry Quéfellec.

Since July 1, three reinforced control operations have taken place and have made it possible to “seize or prevent the shipment of a ton of cocaine”said the prefect, during a press briefing on insecurity.

According to the prefecture, “17 to 20%” of the nearly 600 passengers checked during these major operations were carrying cocaine.

New anti-trafficking strategy

At the beginning of June, the police in Guyana implemented a new strategy to fight against cocaine trafficking, by controlling all passengers from Cayenne airport departing for France.

Each time, passengers are notified of the check the day before, by SMS. “A strategy that deters smugglers, also called mules, from showing up for boarding”affirmed the prefect who wishes “break the logistics of traffickers and create uncertainty in their mode of management”.

In Guyana, Felix-Eboué airport is the main exit door to France and serves the Paris airports of Roissy and Orly.

According to the prefect Thierry Queffelec, 20% of the cocaine consumed in France comes from Guyana, a traffic hub.

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