The strangest tribe in the world.. Girls race to take off their clothes and demand violent flogging in order to accept marriage, and what happens to their bodies does not occur to a man or six.!! (crazy details)

A tribal ceremony in which young women are flogged to show the sacrifices they make to men, has been revealed in a series of photos.

For the women of the Hamar tribe in Ethiopia, the scars visible on their bodies signify the love they feel for those men who flog them and race to undress for the flogging.

For these women, these scars allow them to summon their beaters, to aid them in case of need. After the ceremony, the boy becomes a man and can marry. This violent tradition is called Ukuli Bula.

Instead of escaping, the women ask the men to flog them again, during the ceremony in the Omo Valley.

The party is meant to be a display of women’s love. Once widowed, they might turn to those men who beat them for help.

The scars on the back are supposed to be evidence of their sacrifice for the man, and therefore it is impossible for a man to refuse to meet the needs of a woman in difficult or emergency times.

Usually these women still live in villages, although an increasing number are migrating to the cities of the region, as well as to Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital.

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