Postgraduate Chief of Medicine confirms death of surgical instrumentalist by COVID-19

The head of the graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zulia, Freddy Pachano, wrote on his social networks about the death of Felipe Silva, a surgical instrumentalist at the University Hospital because of COVID-19.

“He felt the symptoms four days ago and after a slight improvement he suffered a relapse last night and died, there was no respirator for him,” Dr. Pachano told the News Portal.

With Silva’s death, they add eight health professionals in Zulia who died of causes associated with COVID-19.


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On his Instagram account, Pachono wrote on July 3: «Goodbye, my dear Felipe Silva, surgical instructor. Instrumental trainer, a good friend, a person like few others ».

He commented that Silva dedicated his life to working at the University Hospital of Maracaibo. “He trained many residents from all surgical specialties and helped them become specialists. I never heard him say No. Always helping, looking for solutions, always working for HUM ».


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Pachano ends his message with: «Goodbye, Mr. Felipe, thank you for so much. He returned to say goodbye to this world to what was always his home ».

According to the statistics kept by the Maracaibo College of Physicians, six doctors, a nurse, and this July 3 the surgical instrumentalist, Felipe Silva, have died.


The sixth doctor in Zulia associated with COVID-19 dies

The list

* Samuel Viloria, passed away on June 15.
* Solanger Escandela, passed away on June 20.
* Marisela Ramírez, passed away on June 24.
* Manuel Romero, died on June 24.
* Carlos Castillo died on June 26.
* Jorge Leal, passed away on June 28.

* Keila Molaya, passed away on June 22.

Surgical Instrumentalist:
* Felipe Silva, died on July 3.

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