Coronavirus – BELGIAN REPORT: here are the (very good) figures of the day


There were an average of 82 new cases of infection reported per day last week, according to statistical data from Sciensano released on Friday. This is 13% lower than the average of the previous seven days. The figures for the last three days have not yet been consolidated.

The institute of public health has, to establish the average number of infections, examined the figures until Monday inclusive.

A total of 61,727 cases of contamination were made official in Belgium on Thursday.

There have been 10.8 new infections per 100,000 population in the past 14 days.

A total of 34,714 cases (56%) of contamination were detected in Flanders, 19,514 (32%) in Wallonia and 6,439 (10%) in Brussels. Data on place of residence were not available for 1,060 cases (2%).

It should also be noted that the entire population is not tested: the number of contaminations therefore does not reflect the actual spread of the virus.

13 hospitalizations per day

The average daily number of hospitalizations was 13 in the past seven days, compared to 15 the previous week (-15%).

The number of beds in intensive care also decreased from 38 to 35 (-8%) over the same period.

More than 183 hospitalized

Thursday, 183 patients were still hospitalized, against 256 seven days earlier (-29%). A total of 9,765 people died from the Covid-19 in the country.

More than 4 deaths per day

The number of daily deaths is also decreasing, going from 7 to 4 in the last two weeks (-38%).

During the past week, 59 inhabitants out of 100,000 consulted their general practitioner for flu symptoms like fever and cough, indicates the National Institute of Public Health Sciensano. The number of consultations remained low and was stable compared to previous weeks.


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