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Oskar Lindblom celebrates the challenge of a rare type of cancer


The number of people who develop Ewing’s sarcoma is one in a million. Cancer, which rapidly metastasizes bones and is rapidly metastatic, is most common in adolescents and requires intensive chemotherapy. In 80% of cases, it can be spilled.

He eventually joined the spn fighters Oskar Lindblom. When the fans in Prague on June 4, 2019 applauded him for the water match of the season in the Flyers duel with Chicago, no one could tell that in two months he would have a toll and a lot of worries. On December 7, Jet managed to jump into a duel against Ottawa, in formation with Jakub Vork and Sean Couturier. A find followed, which shook not only the hockey player, but also the cabin of Philadelphia and the entire NHL.

This is the last thing you want to hear, Claude Giroux spoke at the time. It must be done. I don’t even want to imagine, I have to go through Oskar. But he’s a strong boy, he can handle it. Let’s all stand behind us.

The first optimism and determination was what gave Lindblom the service and support of his recovery. Oskar Strong’s fighting motto immediately began to appear on fan banners, on tricks or in newspaper headlines.

Especially in Philadelphia, they kept their fingers crossed for the positive billionaire who paid for the cabin favorites. The rest of his jersey with a slice of 23 remained hanging in his place even during Lindblom’s illness. The club wanted to show him that he was still with him.

A native of the city of Gvle, meanwhile, he contracted cancer with gradual necks. Even with a lot of chemotherapy, Lindblom found support for his parks right in the hall, and when he was taken to a cube over the ice in Philadelphia and Tampa in January, the wells of the Wells Fargo Center praised her fighter with a long standing ovation.

In the city, famous mainly due to the film boxer Rocky, a similar pbh appeared soon before. Jacob Orlick, a 12-year-old Flyers fan, heard the same diagnosis about a year before Lindblom. Ewing’s sarcoma even deprived the little fan of his leg, but in the end Orlick overcame the disease and said in the burrow this year: Maybe Oskar can see and win too! Lindblom donated a signed hockey stick to Orlick, but at that time he was not allowed to go to the fight.

Positive at first, however, the coronavirus crisis increased and indicated that Lindblom was able to free himself from cancer. Everything looks promising. It was tk for Oscar, but he is a young and fighting train who wants to be back as soon as possible, named in April one of the reasons for the lby Brent Flahr, vice president of the club.

And when, at the end of June, photos of the young Lindblom thorns with the Flyers darkened around the internet, most of the horse fans could relax. The imaginary teka drank this Thursday, when after the last therapy he symbolically rang the bell in the hospital to say goodbye. Cancer is definitely gone!

I can’t even describe those feelings. I’ll catch up with him, and I’ll dig into normal life and I can take him again, Lindblom hissed in his hand. He did not forget about the endless support of the fan. They, my family and my father helped me by not even undermining them for it. Especially at the arrest, they gave me a lot of hearing and peace, which accelerated the fight.

Lindblom should slowly catch up with you so that he can fit into the arrest for five seasons. He shouldn’t go to Philadelphia’s upcoming summer playoffs in Philadelphia. That doesn’t net him. I am mainly rd, that I am naive, hls.


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