Polyethylene: Nova Chemicals declares force majeure in Canada

Cracker in Corunna, Canada (Photo: Nova Chemicals)

After a technical problem in the cracker of Nova Chemicals (Calgary, Alberta / Canada) in Corunna in the Canadian province of Ontario, the company had to shut down the plant. The cracker supplies all polyethylene production in the Detroit area. At the same time, Nova Force Majeure (FM) declared on PE-LD, PE-HD and the copolymer products of the “Sclair” brand.

When asked, a spokeswoman said that other types of polyethylene are not affected, which probably means the materials produced in Joffre near Calgary. A possible duration for the repair and the time for restarting the cracker were not specified. For Europe, depending on the duration of the failure, the new FM will also mean more scarce imports.



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