Policeman’s Wife Asks Mawda’s Parents To Forgive …

At the Mawda trial, Laurent Kennes, agent Victor JG’s attorney, read a letter to Mawda’s parents written by the wife of the agent who shot their daughter.

“I’m sorry for what my husband has done. I’m sorry for the way you have been treated in our country, because you don’t have the correct papers. I am shocked by the lack of humanity shown to Mawda’s parents, ‘wrote Victor JG’s wife.’ I think it was because we just came out of the attacks. There was suspicion. ‘

The woman wanted to talk to them about her husband, who is a federal road police officer in Bergen and who caused the toddler’s death. ‘I’ve known him for thirty years. He was a cheerful and happy man. He was always invited by everyone. All people of all nationalities. He loved his job. He was full of life and we had everything to be happy. Until that day, everything collapsed like a house of cards. He’s a good shooter and that’s why I think he shot. He really thought this was possible. ‘

‘Since then we have been a shadow of ourselves, we no longer laugh at home. We are only sad. Time is running out. I am ten pounds thicker, he ten pounds thinner. Sleeping is no longer possible. The nights are short. There are only black ideas, psychiatrists and day-to-day life, ‘the woman said.

Stopped living

That her husband, who is of Portuguese descent, is portrayed as a racist, is hard, she writes. ‘When I hear that my husband has committed a racist act, I am shocked. I myself am Algerian by birth, ‘said the woman.

‘Do you think my husband chose what is happening now? For a depression, a son who doesn’t want to leave his room? We have stopped living. In another life, in different circumstances, you could have been friends. You got to know him in a context. This happened in a stressful situation, in a chase. Was he right? Or was he wrong? Everyone has seen it differently. But when I hear those lies being told about my husband, I say “no.” There are only losers in this case. You who lost your child and we who lost our father and husband as he was. He’s not free, he’s a prisoner in his head. ‘


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