Police watch over foreign labor intervention checkpoint, Tha Kham police station infected with COVID-19 Accelerate the detection of infection throughout the police station

Tha Kham police station and family gradually travel to test for COVID-19 At Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital, Bang Bon District
After Police Colonel Lertsak Keamsap, Superintendent of Tha Kham Police Station Issuing urgent orders to all police and their families Get tested for COVID-19

Because a police sword was found infected with COVID-19 After going on duty Set up checkpoints to prevent movement of foreign workers From Samut Sakhon Into the Bangkok area Which the said checkpoint is in front of the pump PTT Rama 2 Road Inbound

There is also a police from the neighborhood. Who went to work at the said checkpoint Also traveled to have a test for COVID-19. To prevent the risk of widespread epidemic

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