WHO successfully entered China Finding the source of COVID-Post Today around the world

WHO successfully entered China Finding the source of COVID

January 14, 2021 time 14:00

The World Health Organization team reached Wuhan. Prepare to investigate the source of COVID after 14 days of quarantine

BBCThe World Health Organization (WHO) team reportedly arrived in Wuhan, China. To begin investigating the origin of the coronavirus outbreak After several months of negotiations with the Chinese authorities.

Earlier this month, the World Health Organization said a team of researchers had been denied entry to China. China said it was caused by miscommunication and preparations for the investigation were still under discussion.

The research will be conducted by a group of 10 researchers interviewing people in research institutes, hospitals and seafood markets. It was linked to the first outbreak in Wuhan at the end of 2019, although China has repeatedly reiterated that the outbreak did not take place there.

Professor Del Fisher, president of the World Health Organization’s Global Epidemic Prevention and Response Unit, told the BBC, hoping that people around the world would view it as a scientific operation. And it’s not about politics or blame But to find the root cause to answer scientific questions And most scientists view viruses as a natural phenomenon.

However, a team of researchers from the World Health Organization will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine procedure before research begins in Wuhan.

China also today reported deaths from COVID-19. The country’s first case in eight months and 138 new cases were recorded, the highest daily number since March last year.



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