Alex Zanardi: his wife Daniela clarifies his conditions

Daniela Manni, the wife of Alex Zanardi, in an interview with the press spoke about the conditions of the sample handbike, engaged in a long rehabilitation after the serious accident last June. “Many are looking for me to find out how Alex is”.

In the last few days the doctor’s words have arrived Federica Alemanno, which revealed that the former pilot he has started to communicate again with the family. In this regard, Daniela clarifies: “He does things, but not always. There were times when those things were actually done. There have been gods steps forward, and there have been steps back. His is a very long journey ”.

Zanardi now sees and hears, and with his gestures he seems to recognize and greet the people around him. His partner, however, was keen to point out that the battle is still far from being won: “It’s a difficult situation to manage. I don’t want to find the journalists under my house, I can’t explain to each of them. I have to focus on the treatments, day to day. Maybe in three months we will have the opportunity to talk ”.

Zanardi, hospitalized in intensive care in Siena and then transferred to San Raffaele in Milan, suffered 5 delicate surgical operations to the head in recent months. On 21 November he was transferred to Padua, where the battle began.

OMNISPORT | 14-01-2021 10:45

Alex Zanardi: his wife Daniela clarifies his conditions Fonte: Getty Images


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