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Google Affirms Gmail’s Future Amid widespread Hoax Shut Down Rumors

Google Confirms Gmail is Here to Stay After Hoax

Gmail Hoax Causes Stir on Social Media

Google has had to publicly address a recent hoax that claimed Gmail, its widely-used email service, would be shutting down. The hoax, which has been viewed over seven million times on X (formerly Twitter), sparked widespread confusion and concern among users.

Rebuffing Falsehoods and Misinformation

Responding to the hoax through X, Google debunked the claim and reassured users that Gmail is “here to stay.” This incident brings to light the perils of misinformation, as individuals tend to believe what they read online without proper tools for fact-checking.

“Whilst social networks can act without responsibility and pump unfiltered, unverified information to their audiences, this Gmail incident won’t be the last case we’ll see,” said Richard Bagnall, the CEO of communications evaluation firm, CARMA.

The Battle Against Misinformation Continues

Social media platforms, including X, have struggled to effectively counter misinformation. The European Union has previously raised concerns about X’s inadequate efforts in fighting falsehoods. The company claims to be committed to addressing hate speech while preserving free speech.

The BBC has sought comments from X regarding the viral Gmail hoax. The hoax appears to be based upon a genuine email sent by Google in 2023, notifying users about the discontinuation of Gmail’s HTML view, an outdated feature. However, the hoax exaggerated this to imply the complete closure of Gmail.

The Importance and Popularity of Gmail

Gmail is the world’s most popular email service, boasting a user base of over 1.5 billion active accounts worldwide according to Statista. Despite refuting the hoax, Google has indeed phased out certain services in recent years, including Stadia, YouTube Stories, and old/inactive Gmail accounts.

Google has also announced plans to close Google Podcasts, which has been largely superseded by YouTube Music, another service owned by the tech giant.

In an age where misinformation proliferates online, incidents such as the Gmail hoax serve as reminders of the critical need for users to exercise caution and verify information before embracing unfounded claims.

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