New Federal Funding Program Offers Low-Interest Loans for Climate-Friendly Residential Buildings

Residential construction in Germany is stagnating, as the figures for the past year 2022 show. Smaller construction projects are particularly affected, admitted Federal Building Minister Klara Geywitz (SPD) on Wednesday: “We saw a very small increase in apartment buildings, but a massive decline in single-family houses.” general uncertainty”, on the other hand with the massive rise in interest rates. “Of course, that upset a lot of family calculations,” says Geywitz.

The state lowers interest rates

A new federal funding program starts right here. “We offer a low-interest loan of 140,000 to 240,000 euros,” explained Geywitz in a press statement. The condition is that the building is climate-friendly. The new building must comply with the EH 40 efficiency house standard and should have a small CO2 footprint over its entire life cycle.

The federal government wants to support families with small and middle incomes with the program. The following therefore applies: The taxable gross annual income of the family must not exceed EUR 60,000 if the family has a maximum of one child. From the second child, the upper limit increases by 10,000 euros. “This means we can support 75 percent of households in Germany,” said the minister.

With the promotion of KfW loans, the interest rate should be reduced to 1.25 percent. For comparison: Anyone who takes out a loan for a house or apartment without subsidies today has to pay around four percent interest. According to Geywitz, a family with two children could save more than 40,000 euros through the interest rate reduction. The “cash value” of the support is higher than the amounts that have flowed to families in the past through the Baukindergeld. There is a second important difference to the Baukindergeld, as the SPD politician emphasized: “We only support it, namely at the beginning of the project and not only at the end, when you have moved in”.

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350 million euros in the pot

The new funding is scheduled to start on June 1, 2023. The federal government has initially planned 350 million euros for this. According to the minister, the funds are sufficient to ensure that the money does not run out by the end of the year. The outflow of funds should be checked regularly.

All in all, the funds for state subsidies for new construction have just been significantly increased. Originally, the federal government wanted to support climate-friendly construction and home ownership with 1.1 billion euros this year. The money has been available since March 1st. Last Friday, the Ministry of Construction announced that the funds will be increased by 888 million euros. The step was justified by the fact that the support program for climate-friendly new buildings was in very high demand.

Funding conditions “Home ownership for families”

  • Funding is provided for new construction and the first purchase (within 12 months after building acceptance in accordance with § 640 BGB) of newly built climate-friendly and energy-efficient residential buildings that meet the energy standard of an efficiency house 40 for new buildings and the requirement of greenhouse gas emissions in the building life cycle for new residential buildings of the Sustainable Building Quality Seal achieve PLUS (QNG-PLUS).
  • Only residential buildings that fall within the scope of the currently valid Building Energy Act (GEG) after completion are eligible for funding.
  • The levels “climate-friendly residential building” and “climate-friendly residential building – with QNG” are funded.
  • The object of funding is a maximum of one residential unit. Only private individuals who want to build or purchase eligible residential property for their own use are eligible to apply. This is any natural person acting as the sole applicant or any eligible household who would like to acquire at least 50% (co-)ownership of owner-occupied residential property and in whose household at least one natural or adopted child is registered who, at the time the application is received, is in the KfW was born and has not yet reached the age of 18
  • The taxable annual household income may not exceed the limit of max. EUR 60,000 for one child, plus EUR 10,000 for each additional child
  • Funding is provided as project funding in the form of share financing as a loan with reduced interest rates from federal funds. The entire expenditure for the building, the services of technical planning and construction supervision including the services for life cycle analysis or sustainability certification are eligible for funding. If you contribute yourself, the expenses for the material are eligible.
  • Up to 100% of the eligible expenses of the project will be financed within the framework of the following maximum loan amounts. Decisive for the maximum loan amounts are the planned building standard and the number of children living in the household of the applicant or their spouse or partner living in the future household at the time of application and who have not yet reached the age of 18. A maximum of one residential unit is funded in this product.
  • The minimum term of the loan agreement is 4 years.
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Maximum Credit Contributions:

Climate-friendly residential building
(Efficiency House 40 standard and life cycle requirement)

  • Families with one or two children: EUR 140,000
  • Families with three or four children: EUR 165,000
  • Families with five or more children: EUR 190,000

Climate-friendly residential building QNG
Efficiency House 40 Standard and QNG Plus or QNG Premium

  • Families with one or two children: EUR 190,000
  • Families with three or four children: EUR 215,000
  • Families with five or more children: EUR 240,000

Those: Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building

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