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“Pokémon Software Shipments Exceed 480 Million Units: Latest Figures Revealed”

The Pokémon Company has recently updated its official website with new figures related to the incombustible franchise starring pocket monsters. Specifically, the company has revealed that shipments of software of Pokmon exceeded 480 million units by the end of March 2023, a figure that represents an increase of 40 million compared to the previous year’s report. As you can imagine, most of the sales correspond to the most recent games in the series, especially in Scarlet and Purple Pokmontwo deliveries that already accumulate more than 22 million copies sold worldwide.

Key statistics shared by TPC

Below you can see some of the most relevant statistics shared by The Pokémon Company on its portal:

  • 480 million software units sold
  • Over 52.9 billion Pokémon cards produced
  • Franchise sold in 89 countries and regions
  • Animation program broadcast in 192 countries and regions
  • Pokémon game series available in 9 languages
  • TCG Pokémon available in 14 languages

Are the latest editions of Pokémon worth it?

“The new editions that arrive on Switch this Friday are unmissable for any fan of the series, a magnificent gateway for those who arrive new, and for those who have not delved into the series for years, a noticeable enough change in different sections enough for it to feel fresh. Pokémon has been great about moving into the open world, and We can only be happy that it was in a region inspired by Spain“, we commented to you with conclusion in our complete analysis. Remember that you can take a look at our guide to discover the best tips and tricks to explore the vast region of Paldea and get hold of all the creatures.

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