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Plan for the return of the festive bridge of San José in Colombia – Other Cities – Colombia

Estimated figures from the traffic authorities until Monday afternoon indicated that around 3,013,000 vehicles were mobilized on the different highways of the country from Friday to Monday.

A preliminary review of the Secretariat of Mobility of Bogotá ensured that the vehicular flow in all the ways of entering the capital it was average; that is, there were good mobility conditions in the midst of the implementation of the regional peak and plate.

According to figures from the Secretariat, more than 757,000 vehicles left the capital on this festive bridge. As of noon, 427,000 vehicles had returned without incident. And another 300,000 were expected to enter during the rest of the afternoon.

The Traffic and Transport Directorate (Dittra) confirmed that there was an increase in vehicular passage of 4 percent compared to circulation for the same date in 2021.

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In terms of accidents, a reduction of 9 percent was recorded; in mortality, the reduction was 39 percent, and in injuries, 7 percent.

In addition, 3,868 drivers were sanctioned for failing to comply with traffic regulations.

Meanwhile, the Barranquilla Police He indicated that 83,500 vehicles were mobilized on the highways of the Atlantic capital.

It must be remembered that this festive bridge coincided with the pre-carnival festivities of Barranquilla, which began on Friday and continue in the parks and tourist sites of the city and municipalities of the Atlantic.

In this sense, the controls that the authorities have deployed in the access areas to the District have resulted in 1,250 subpoenas, 135 immobilized vehicles, including motorcycles.

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In Cali, approximately 40,000 vehicles entered, according to the city’s Ministry of Mobility during the return plan, with the support of some 150 traffic guards.

In Valle del Cauca, around 200,000 vehicles are transported on the department’s highways. This weekend there were six traffic accidents, one of them on the road between Robles and Timba, in Jamundí, left by a deceased woman. She was identified as Fernanda Mosquera. There were nine injured.

They were traveling in a Transunited company bus that rolled down an abyss on Sunday afternoon.

Major General Libreros pointed out that the departments most affected by road congestion were Nariño, Tolima, Huila and Antioquia.

Precisely in the latter, more than 400 uniformed Police guarded the six road axes in the return operation of this festive bridge in San José.

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Lieutenant Colonel Fabio Enrique Sierra, head of the Traffic Section, He stated that 24 prevention and control areas were available, in which document verification, vehicle inspection and drunkenness tests were carried out, among other activities.

In Antioquia there was a change to a lane on two important roads in the department: on the Medellín-Bogotá road, kilometer 69, in the jurisdiction of San Luis, as well as on the Medellín-Urabá road, Uramita sector.

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