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“Mexican players do not need to leave Liga MX and we Brazilians left out of necessity”

Ronaldinho affirmed that the Mexican players have good conditions in the MX League, so they do not have the need as the Brazilian soccer player does

MEXICO — Ronaldinhoformer player of Barcelona and the Roosters of Queretaropointed out that Mexican soccer players do not go abroad because “they have a good quality of life in their country”, while Brazilians “go out of necessity”.

“Mexican players have a good condition in Mexico, they don’t need to leave. We Brazilians left out of necessity, if we had the possibility of having a good life in Brazil, I swear to you that no Brazilian would leave Brazil”, Dinho commented in an interview for Now or Never on ESPN.

Brazil is one of the countries that exports the most soccer players worldwide, having soccer in Europe as its main market, while Mexico It has lagged behind and its players choose to make long careers at the local level.

Ronaldinho played with them Roosters of Queretaro Between 2014 and 2015, there he lived with the Mexican soccer player and learned how Liga MX operates. A few days ago, he was in Mexico to be awarded as one of the members of the Football Hall of Fame.

“In Querétaro I liked everything. I have many friends there, the fans are like in Brazil, crazy about soccer, I felt very much at home. I had beautiful moments and unfortunately Querétaro does not have good moments, but in my time everything was excellent, there were good times”, acknowledged the Brazilian.

in the roosters, Ronaldinho had the opportunity to play a final, which the team from Querétaro lost 5-3 and recently lamented the events that occurred at the Corregidora Stadium, in which there was a balance of 26 injured.

“I have seen everything that happened in Querétaro. It’s hard to believe. I lived there, I never imagined that something like this could happen. I send a big hug there in Querétaro, to all the friends I have made. I hope that soon they will be able to have a normal life again, a normal football, ”he commented during his time in the Hall of Fame.

Ronaldinho he won multiple world titles such as the Champions League with Barcelona in 2006, as well as being proclaimed world champion with Brazil in Korea-Japan 2002.

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