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Paris Officials Inaugurate Huge Water Storage Basin to Clean up River Seine, Ensure Water Quality for Paris Games and Olympic Events

Inauguration of Paris’ Water Basin Ensures Clean Venue for Paris 2024 Olympics

Inauguration of Paris’ Water Basin Ensures Clean Venue for Paris 2024 Olympics

Paris Takes Extensive Measures to Clean Up River Seine

PARIS (AP) — French officials unveiled a significant development on Thursday as they inaugurated a massive water storage basin in Paris. The basin, located near the Austerlitz train station, is a crucial addition to the city’s efforts to clean up the River Seine. The initiative is aimed specifically at ensuring water quality for the upcoming Paris Games, which will feature marathon swimming and the swimming leg of the Olympic and Paralympic triathlons. The move comes as a response to the previous cancellation of swimming test events due to poor water quality.

Paris’ Ability to Host Spectacular Sporting Events Praised

America’s Sports minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra acknowledged Paris for having the ability to provide athletes with an exceptional setting on the Seine for their events. The commitment to ensuring clean water for the competitions will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on participants and spectators alike.

Water Basin to Counteract Pollution and Store Excess Rainwater

The newly dug water storage basin next to the Austerlitz train station is expected to collect excess rainwater and prevent bacteria-laden wastewater from entering the Seine. The reservoir is capable of holding the equivalent of 20 Olympic swimming pools of dirty water, which will now undergo treatment rather than being discharged unfiltered into the river. The introduction of this basin excites Paris’ mayor Anne Hidalgo, who anticipated swimming in the Seine herself ahead of the Olympics, potentially alongside President Emmanuel Macron.

Progress in Paris’ Mission for a Cleaner River Seine

Paris has been taking several significant steps to purify the River Seine, aiming to restore its ecological balance ahead of the Olympics. Notably, a water treatment plant in Champigny-sur-Marne, located east of the capital, was inaugurated last month as part of the ongoing effort. The newly opened basin further enhances the city’s commitment to a cleaner river.

Efforts to Ensure Water Quality for the Olympics

Amid rigorous preparations for the Olympics, Paris’ water will be tested each day at 3 a.m. to determine the usability of the water for scheduled events. In the event of unsatisfactory results, organizers will consider potential delays of a few days. Such measures are taken to guarantee that the Olympics coincide with sufficient water quality suitable for the athletes’ needs.

Positive Outcomes and Environmental Advancements

While the cleanup efforts for the River Seine have amounted to 1.4 billion euros ($1.5 billion), primarily funded by the state and local authorities, the results have been remarkable. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo spoke in support of the continuous improvement in the river’s water quality, noting the flourishing return of fish and diverse wildlife. The Paris section of the Seine, once heavily polluted due to industrial activities, now hosts around 35 fish species, a significant growth from the mere three species in the 1970s. The city’s plans to open bathing sites to the public in the coming summers further highlight its commitment to the river’s restoration and enhancement.

The River Seine in the Heart of the Paris Olympics

The River Seine holds paramount significance for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics. Serving as the location for the grandiose opening ceremony, Paris will witness over 200 athletes’ delegations parading in central Paris on more than 80 boats. This remarkable display of unity and celebration further emphasizes Paris’ unique connection with the Seine.


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