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The right of every child to education remains unfulfilled for an increasing number of children. This not only applies to the southern half of the blue planet, refugee children often do not have a safe place to study. A good half of the world‘s refugees are minors, and every second child does not go to school. Many children have to toil for pocket money and contribute to the family’s income. An eight to ten hour day is often the rule. For them too, education is a “human right”.

UN Refugee Commissioner Filippo Grandi is right that “education is essential” to give refugees hope and dignity. They alone are the prerequisites for refugees to enable a good future for themselves with knowledge and skills. Failing to invest in the education of refugees would therefore probably be very expensive.

In addition, many refugee families often have to stay in overcrowded camps for years and wait for the asylum procedure to be completed, which overburdened authorities cannot or must not bring to an end. In addition, war is raging in East, West and South and worsens the living conditions of many children. Their number rose in the growing conflict areas within one year from 415 million in 2018 to 426 million. 2019.

Natural disasters destroy land and people’s dreams as a result of global climate change. Fascist politicians like Donald Trump, who is occupying the White House, or the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who is having the rainforest burned down, deny this connection, as do right-wing populists in Europe, Hungary and Poland. They do not want to be hindered or disturbed by the rule of law of the European Union, to which they had agreed as a prerequisite for joining the EU, in the transformation of their countries by authoritarian regimes hostile to democracy.

Hungary and Poland-turn in or leave

It is not yet certain whether and when, despite the electoral defeat, Donald Trump will give his elected successor Joe Biden the chance to return the USA to the community of values ​​of the West. And Europe? Europe will only be able to play a constructive and helpful role in world politics if it succeeds in saving the EU from collapse and in getting member countries like Hungary and Poland to give in or leave the Union. A look at the flow of refugees worldwide shows how necessary it is. At least as necessary is the containment of the aggressive foreign policy of the Turkish President Erdogan and the imperial logic of the expansion of the Chinese Silk Road.

All of the conflict areas listed here will determine the future of those who are children today and who will either take over a dying or viable planet from adults today. We owe it to them to prevent right-wing extremists, lateral thinkers or neo-Nazis in the USA, Central and Latin America, but also in Europe, including Germany, from preparing day X in order to bring about the overthrow, which they have with different levels of intensity , Plan arms stores and body bags.

The anticorona demos on the occasion of the Bundestag’s debate on creating legal security through an infection protection law in the fight against the corona pandemic show once again how ready the extreme right wing is to act. Even so-called Christians took part in the demo in Berlin with the battle cry: “Berlin must burn”. They held up wooden crosses that they waved like a weapon. Apparently there are not only Islamists who take delusional ideas from their Koran, as was shown in Berlin, also so-called Christians with the Bible in hand. As early as the Middle Ages, they found reasons in the Old and New Testaments to accuse women of being “witches” and to bring them to the stake.

Image source: Pixabay, Image by athree23, Pixabay License


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