Tourists disappeared and in downtown Lisbon time stood still

Time stopped in downtown Lisbon. The lack of tourists due to the pandemic paints a void in the center of the Portuguese capital, with many shops closed and with merchants at the door waiting for the customers they once had.

The streets are full of people, but few stop at shops and restaurants.

The president of the Dynamics Association of Baixa Pombalina explains to the agency Lusa, in the center of Praça da Figueira, that with the disappearance of tourism there are almost no customers in the historic center.

“Everything was directed so that tourism would be the major buying force in Baixa Pombalina. Both restaurants and commerce lived – and it is not exaggerated – at least 70%, at the expense of tourism,” says Manuel Lopes.

Under a radiant sun in the middle of autumn, the former entrepreneur recognizes that consumers will take time to regain confidence and purchasing power.

“Tourism has disappeared, customers have disappeared and residents are scarce. Obviously, with this covid problem, with no confidence from people to move, Baixa is the one that most resents,” he says, noting that there are many deals to close.


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