One dead and three injured in the Washington subway

An employee of metro de Washington DC died this Wednesday and three users of public transport were injured by a man who opened fire on them.

The deputy chief executive of the Metropolitan Police Department of the capital, Ashan Benedict, explained in a press conference that it is “a series of individual events.”

Benedict explained that first the attacker boarded a public bus armed on 14th Street with Potomac Avenue, in the southeast of the city, and shot an individual who got out of the vehicle in the leg.

Later, the assailant went to a nearby metro station and wounded a man who was buying a ticket in the leg in the same way. Immediately afterwards, the attacker walked towards the platform and had “some kind of altercation” with a woman, whom the Police do not know if he tried to rob.

At that time there were two Metro employees who saw the scene and came to protect the woman. One of them was shot by the attacker and died, while the other managed to disarm the attacker.

The police officer indicated that at the moment the motives of the armed man, who was detained by the Police, are unknown.

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