“Blood for blood campus” an EFS and Lions club partnership

A new edition of the “Blood for Blood Campus” operation has just ended at the Saint-Clair diocesan house in Nantes. For the 5th consecutive year, on the initiative of the Lions club, the teams of the French Blood Establishment have settled in the Saint-Anne room and the dining room, for two days, to invite students from nearby universities to donate their blood.

For 40 to 50% of them it was the first time, explains Virginie Niort, head of the operation, invited by friends, trained by others… They pass on the info, some of them are even volunteers now to announce the operation and help us on site. We give this annual collection an eventful character that is very popular”.

After the paper questionnaire, the interview with one of the 5 doctors and the sample taken by one of the 7 nurses on site, the students could recover from their emotions in front of a small crepe or galette made on site and copiously garnished. A little extra that has had a hand in the success of the formula!

The young people were very touched by the benevolent welcome of the staff of the EFS and of the ten volunteers of the Lions club available for two days… The atmosphere was relaxed and the pockets of blood were filled serenely: “We are reaching 250 donations for this edition, a little less than last year’s 300, but it’s still positive… And above all, here in Nantes, we have maintained this collection despite the Covid period, strikes and other Facs blockade. It is a source of pride for all of us” underlines Virginie Niort who is already preparing the 2024 edition:“It will be at the same time, depending on the availability of the Maison St-Clair which offers us an ideal setting, at the end of the rue des facs with two very pleasant rooms”.

For its part, the Maison Saint-Clair is delighted with this event, an opportunity to welcome its student neighbors and to contribute a little to the collection.

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